Adventures in Freelancing

What is this? Where am I?

Hi. I’m Lindsey. This is my blog on living the accidental, kind of awesome, though sometimes sucky, freelance life. I started this blog about 6 months ago because I thought it would be a good idea to journal what it’s like to be a freelance writer. In neither high school, nor in college, no one tells you what it’s like to work as a writer.

During college — I have briefly flirted with a higher education for nearly a decade now — I grew up with dreams of moving to NYC and becoming a high-fashion, ballsy, mean, childless editrix at some fancy magazine. I was going to be awesome.

However, that didn’t happen.

Dreams were dashed and I needed a real job because you can’t pay the rent with dreams and aspirations.

So I did what most aspiring writers do, I took random jobs in restaurants, until I eventually landed my first real job as an accountant.

Accounting? Yes, that. A bean counting, paper-pushing, coffee-drinking, time card-punching accountant and I hated every last minute of it. I have worked a million jobs in restaurants and hotels and quite frankly, have never experienced anything so soul-crunching as working in room the size of a tuna can, counting money and recording that counted money.

Plus, I was bad at math. I had no idea why they even hired me. I was there for a little over two years before I gave myself the heave-ho. It turns out, I would rather eat beans out of a can and at least attempt to get my dream career back on track, than working a low-rent job just because I had good health insurance.

Here I am, I don’t even KNOW how many years later, finally writing this blog’s first real entry. Along the way I’ve managed to forge something resembling an actual career as a writer, something that amazes the most random people. Yes, I do get to write things…it’s amazing! And even though I’m not where I’d like to be in my career, I am on the way there. It’s not what I set out to do, but I’m having fun for the most part. I realized along the way that while I no longer aspire to be Anna Wintour — she always looks hungry and mad — or Stephanie Meyer — as if! — I wouldn’t mind AJ Jacob’s career. It’s pretty sweet.

What you’ll find here: trials, tribulations, hilarious stories of crappy clients, fun projects, words of aspiration and whatever else I feel like cause it’s my blog and I’ll whine when I want to.

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