About Me


lindsey-gregory-headshotHi. I’m Lindsey.

I’m a social media strategist, blogger, copywriter and editorial writer. I specialize in smart, edgy editorial from fashion and beauty to interior design and culture/lifestyle. I am inspired by the world I inhabit and I’m passionate about my work.

I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do when I grow up, write.

In fact, I quit a full-time job with health insurance and paid time off to do just that. Shocking, I know.

A little about me personally…I am a punctilious and pedantic Virgo who loves the color turquoise, and I am obsessed with eBay. I like gin martinis and long walks on the beach…because it’s a great way to exfoliate my feet.

OK, enough about me. What can I do for you?  ►

In a nutshell, I write words for copy, content marketing materials, blogs and social media. Oh! And I also do editorial work for print/digital magazines.  As such, I’m available for freelance assignments.

So what’s next?  Contact me with a somewhat detailed message about what it is that you need. Then we will set up a time to chat via telephone or Skype, if you’re into that  — or more likely if you’re an international client — and we’ll go from there. If you’re in or near Atlanta, I am available to meet face-to-face.

Can’t wait to hear from you!