International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression


logoIncreasing Brand Awareness for a Mental Health Nonprofit


The International Foundation for  Research and Education on Depression (iFred) wanted to position its organization as a thought-leader in mental health research and education with a particular focus on ending stigma associated with mental health by:

  • Leading fans and followers to its page and engaging them with curated content (including its partnerships with other organizations)
  • Driving community engagement
  • Promoting social media campaigns, as well as fundraising campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter
Social media creates brand awareness

iFred’s main goals were to create brand awareness and educate people on depression. To create brand awareness, strategy included social media management across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Engaged with other brands in the mental health niche thru Twitter chats, social media swaps and shoutouts.  Core social media marketing objectives focused on:

  1. Creating brand awareness through social media and coordinated PR efforts
  2. Promoting Pledge to plant sunflowers around the world for those living with depression
  3. Eradicating the stigma associated with mental health issues
Planting Results one sunflower at a time
  • Tripled Facebook post reach to an average of 1039  per post
  • Increased Facebook audience by 200%  (April 2014-April 2015)
  • Promoted Global Day for Hope, with PR/in-house marketing team, resulting in attendance from 100s of people around the world: Nepal, the UK, Germany, Florida, California, Georgia
  • Used Facebook events to promote online and on site events (based in Chicago)
  • Doubled Twitter followers with NO paid advertisements

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