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Increasing Social Media Engagement Across Healthline’s Social Media Verticals

As a social media assistant for Healthline Networks, Inc., the primary strategy has been doubly-­focused:

  1. Build relationships with nonprofits, bloggers, publications and other influencers with a special focus on health and wellness
  2. Create and maintain an engaged community. Healthline also created a content rich destination URL to serve as the hub for news and medically-reviewed information
social media drives Community engagement

Healthline’s social media program is focused primarily on creating a community of engaged followers who would engage with, share, and evangelize any content shared on any its verticals. In addition to its general pages on Facebook, Healthline maintains several Facebook verticals centered around conditions like Depression, Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes. Core social media marketing is centered on the following objectives:

  • Reading and Replying to Facebook messages and posting them to Facebook condition pages to create a forum environment
  • Sharing useful and engaging content specific to these conditions; both from curated sources and from branded Healthline content
  • Ideate and manage creative, Facebook-specific social media campaigns (Healthline’s in-house marketing team creates these campaigns)
results: Bigger audience, better engagement

Healthline experienced astronomical growth across its main page, as well its condition pages. Specifically, Healthline has seen:

  • Approximately 69% increase in number of Facebook likes for a total of 193,530 Likes
  • 10% increase in engagement
  • More than 61 m users created nearly 126 m stories thru engaging with our page, thru:  liking one of Healthline’s pages, posting to one of Healthline’s pages, mentioning one of Healthline’s pages, and commenting/liking/sharing Healthline’s page posts

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